Custom-Built Creation
Colide Sprint Lego Concept by Vibor Cavor

Many of the Lego projects we featured before were realistic remakes of existing models, showing amazing technique and creativity in transforming a car into something you can hold on the hands. The project here is slightly different. It comes from a Lego builder named Vibor Cabor and he has imagined a fictional car company Colide (with intentional misspelling) and a supercar concept dubbed Sprint.

Created with the future in mind, Sprint has a lot of fun, movable parts on top of its cool appearance. The mid-engined two-seater is designed with interesting modular functions, for example, the luggage compartment is removable so that the supercar would be more efficient at high speeds for additional playability. The engine is also removable, and the car comes with two replaceable power cells that can be lighted up and cell charger. Plenty of glow-in-the-dark parts can be found both on the exterior and interior. The concept is now uploaded on the Lego Ideas website, waiting for enough supporters to turn it into a production idea.