Life Journal For Historic Cars

Vintage cars, in general, take a whole lot more tender love and care than their more current counterparts. They require a higher level of maintenance and if there is anything wrong with the car, extra effort is needed in finding the right parts. With more frequent work needed, it’s useful to keep a record of all the changes made, as well as other general information about the car.

Graphic designer and historic car owner François Borzellino has created MotorMemo, a beautifully printed log book that classic car owners will find handy to have nearby. The 60-page log book works with any car and is divided into six pre-printed chapters, including identification, features, history, owner(s), maintenance and memos for parts references, contacts and more. If the notes are properly jotted down, a quick glance at MotorMemo will be helpful in providing all the necessary information to a new maintenance supplier.

The log book itself is meticulously crafted to match the vintage style. The cover is made wth robust cardboard and printed using letterpress with aluminium tinted hot stamping, while all pages use high quality 100% recycled paper and are bound with solid sewn binding. MotorMemo is available in English, French, German and Italian and each copy has its own series number.