Inspired By Its Origin
Harley Davidson Serial 1 eBike

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson created their first motorcycle back in 1903, with the Harley-Davidson brand going on to become a household name that changed how the world viewed two-wheeled vehicles. The oldest known Harley-Davidson, simply referred to as “Serial Number One”, cuts a clean and simple silhouette in comparison to today’s models. Now, this motorcycle has inspired the birth of an eBicycle with the same attitude.

Launched under the sub-brand Series 1 Cycle Company, the Serial 1 eBike is the result of Harley-Davidson’s rich resources in product development and the agility of a start-up brand. The eBike borrows its retro look from the original Serial Number One, with a black frame, white tyres and sprung brown seat, while the badge-shaped headlight and taillights have been blended into the frame, giving it a sleek and minimalist appearance. 

Photos of the new eBike show a mid-mounted electric motor and frame-mounted battery pack. Specs and pricing are yet to be announced, so those interested will have to wait for the official launch on 16 November. Deliveries are expected to begin in Spring 2021.