Industrial Homeware
Diesel Living with Seletti

Those who are born into the bottom of the society as the typical working class would search for materials from the wild when in struggle, using materials such as wood, copper and iron for furniture making. This has in turn fed into our current notion of the decadent aesthetic style, which expresses a kind of coarseness through its appearance. This sort of rigid and tough industrial element has always been a gene within Diesel, and in hands with home furnishing brand Seletti, the two have produced a home ware collection together. The collaboration between these two Italian brands obviously presents an innovative appearance to their functional designs, but they have further injected other interesting details which twists the general impression people have towards tablewares.

Several collections, including “DIY”– where the handles on the knives, forks and spoons are abnormally coarse with a wrench connected on the other side, achieving a mismatched combination that blurs its focus; “Machine Collection” – where the love for mechanical components are obvious due to the usage of screws and gears, giving the glass cup an amplified spiral groove which creates an especially neat reflection when light penetrates through it; “Ghost Shell” – A group of dome glass stands which are partially covered with chrome coating so that the surface gives off a silver mirror to transparent gradient effect. In comparison to transparent covers, it gives off an extra mysterious feeling which is matched with the rivet edges on the black mirror ceramic base. Even if your home does not have a strong primitive touch, these products can still become a unique adornment.

DIY Cultery Set HK$550
Machine Collection Glasswares (S) HK$298
Machine Collection Glasswares (L) HK$350
Ghost Shell Dome (S) HK$1,550
Ghost Shell Dome (L) HK$1,690

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