Panasonic LUMIX DMC-CM1
Largest camera sensor ever on smartphone.

Initially released in Photokina last year, it then arrived to France, Germany, Britain and Japan. We’re talking about the DMC-CM1, the first Android smartphone that Panasonic has invited Leica to authenticate for them. Attracting the attention of photo enthusiasts, the product has a rich vintage camera appearance and is equipped, for the first time, with a one inch light sensor which is equivalent to 28mm f/2.8 large aperture prime lens, allowing for 20 megapixel images (even RAW files) or 4K resolution ultra-high definition video to be shot. Interestingly, the DMC-CM1 lens also has a control embedded onto the outer ring for the user to manually adjust the shutter, aperture and ISO at anytime, delivering a handling experience no different to a professional camera. As for its “smartphone” functions, DMC-CM1 is equivalent to most of the current mainstream smartphones; in short, what it captures can be easily shared onto different social media platforms.

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