For All Seasons
Muji Gacha self-driving shuttle bus

We are all fond of Muji’s simple and practical designs from small household objects to furniture and more. Muji has teamed up with Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4 to develop the Gacha self-driving shuttle bus that works under all weather conditions. The bus will make its debut public display next March in Helsinki, with test-driving in three Finnish cities commencing shortly after the launch and first fleet in service in 2020.

The Gacha shuttle bus follows Muji’s proposal of “a pleasant life”. Taking a maximum of 16 passengers (with 10 seats and standing space for 6), the autonomous electric shuttle bus comes in a user-friendly, rounded and squarish shape and is set to be shared among the community, especially areas with decreasing birth rates and ageing populations. While critical weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog and snow are usually preventing autonomous car development, the new technology developed by Sensible 4 ensures the self-driving shuttle offers superior positioning, navigation and obstacle detection performance regardless of its surrounding environment and conditions.