Audio Deva Ovo Turntable

Italian company Audio Deva first launched the oddly shaped Atmo Sfera platter-less turntable a couple of years ago. The team has come up with another turntable concept and it is now available on Kickstarter. Ovo is described as the first turntable with custom design option, plus it is probably one of the few recent launched record players without USB connectivity.

The team has omitted USB as well as built-in speakers as they prefer prioritising all the resources on the turntable’s music-making components. Still, Ovo is easy to use, just plugging it into the analog speakers directly for enjoying the music. A 33 rpm player by default, it would require the optional 45 rpm adapter for playing records in such speed. The 100 mm anticorodal aluminium base weighs 3 kg, together with the anti-resonant platter and feet should keep vibration to minimum. 

The egg shaped turntable is available in white or any of the 99 patterns developed by Audio Deva. With an additional cost backer would be able to upload their own pattern to be featured on the turntable.