As The Name Suggests

Being encouraged to live in the moment in this technologically advanced world with over-whelming information, and resist to be controlled by them has been a popular issue or topic. Apart from Light Phone, the newly released Palm is suggesting an own kind of approach in life. As a comparatively phone with basic function, it syncs with your big phone, having a HD display, moreover it is water and dust resistant and at the same time provide you with 8MP and 12MP camera respectively. As a whole, it has everything that a smartphone provides. If you change it into Life Mode, the monitor will not lit-up until you turn on the monitor again, no matter what kind of notifications or calls you receive. And lastly, the most attractive point to note would definitely be its mini size, with 96.6 X 50.6 mm that would enable ladies to put the Palm into any kind of pouch when they are dressed. The sleek design of it would also allows you to carry it to any context, controlling your own life more effectively.

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