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Lomography 25th Anniversary Edition Lomo LC-A+

People who love shooting on film probably have a LOMO LC-A camera. This fixed lens, 35 mm film camera was first introduced in the 1980s, and in 1992 a group of Viennese students were so fascinated by it that they created an analog camera movement giving birth to the Lomographic Society International. The group only got more and more popular and it later evolved to become the Lomography brand, continuing to promote analog photography as well as producing relevant cameras, film and accessories. The photographic styles of vibrant colours, vignette and contrast continue through to the digital age, with hundreds of apps offering similar retouching effects.

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Lomography is releasing a leather-clad limited edition LOMO LC-A+ with a special embossed anniversary message at the back. It is equipped with the Minitar-1 32/2.8 Lens to help create unique compositions, a switch for easy shooting of multiple exposures, auto ISO from 100 to 1600 and a cable-release thread to create long exposure photos.