F1 Racer Vs. Street-Legal
Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Adelaide may not be the first city one thinks of when talking about motorsport, but for the next four days the streets of Adelaide are going to be filled with exotic race and sports cars, plus an unusual race between a Formula 1 race car and a street legal Toyota.

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival has just kicked off today and runs until Sunday, December 10. On Saturday afternoon, World Time Attack Challenge winner Tim Slade will sit behind the wheel of the heavily tuned yet still street legal 2012 Toyota 86, competing against the Footwork Arrows FA15 driven by Super2 Series frequenter Josh Kean in a roll race. The StreetFX wide-body WTF86 is fitted with a twin-turbo Nissan GTR engine with over 1,000 hp, while the Arrows FA15 took the 8th place at the Adelaide Grand Prix in 1994. It’s not easy to decide which car would be the winner.

The Festival is also scheduled with other races, parades and demonstration runs. Some of the machines that will be running down the streets include a 2007 Ferrari FXX, 1967 Brabham BT21, 2017 Super 5000 and plenty of Formula 1 race cars.