Extra Safety Measure
Formula 1 announces new helmet safety standard for 2019

Since 1953, crash helmets have been mandatory in all Formula 1 races. The FIA has always been very specific about the regulations of head protection to ensure the safety of drivers, while at the same time without sacrificing too much in comfort and usability.

“The current top-end helmets are already the safest in the world but the new standard will take them to the next level,” said FIA Safety Director Laurent Mekies. The FIA 8860-2018 new helmet standard was developed from over a decade of research and will be compulsory starting from 2019. The ultra-protective helmet provides vital safety benefits including advanced ballistic protection and increased energy absorption. Another highlight of the change is to lower the front of the visor by 10 mm increase the safety during impact from debris. The shell itself is made of advanced composite materials for maximised resistance to crushing and penetration.

Formula 1 helmet manufacturers Stilo, Bell Racing, Schuberth and Arai will start working on the new helmet design, which has to withstand all the tests on the latest requirement list. Visit F1’s website to view the new helmet standard requirements in full.