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Le Grandi Ferrari Collection

Many people see Ferrari as their dream cars, especially when every roaring note from them is so thrilling and exhilarating. But which particular Ferrari model is your favourite? Published by DeAgostini, Le Grandi Ferrari Collection is a bi-weekly collectable magazine that brings you a Ferrari model car in every issue. From La Ferrari, F50, 250 GTO, F430 Spider to F12 Berlinetta and more, the magazine is planned for 60 issues and a selected supercar or rare edition will be introduced every two weeks. The magazine has now been imported to Hong Kong by model car magazine distributor Pansing Hobby Shop, presenting Ferrari’s extensive back catalogue in a special way and starting with the F40 in the very first issue.

Each model car from Le Grandi Ferrari Collection is die-casted in the scale of 1:24 and kept inside a transparent display box. All these miniature metal cars are produced under license of Ferrari, which explains on the level of details they come in. The tiny bits such as the steering wheel and the dashboard, or even the discs of the braking system follow the original dutifully. Additionally, the doors and the hood of most model cars can be opened, giving them a more authentic feel.

Different from other model magazines, the content of Le Grandi Ferrari Collection is written in Chinese and supported with a broad selection of images of the specific car, covering the development and design process, the features, the look, the technology of the suspension, braking system, engine, bodywork, performance and more. After reading the issue, you will know the car inside and out, as well as its racing variants.


F40 / 1987

The F40 was produced for celebrating Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. It was the last model designed by founder Enzo Ferrari.


La Ferrari / 2013

La Ferrari Ferrari’s first production sports car with hybrid drivetrain, a limited edition launched in 2013.


Enzo Ferrari / 2002

Following the F40 and F50, it is a model for celebrating the marque’s 55th anniversary launched in early 21st century and named Ferrari Enzo after its founder.


F12 Berlinetta / 2012

Powered by a V12 engine with 740 hp, the F12 Berlinetta was developed collaboratively by Ferrari and coachbuilder Pininfarina.


Testarossa / 1984

Named after a glorious model from yesteryear instead of following the usual letter plus number route.

F50 / 1995

The Ferrari’s 50th anniversary commemorative car was equipped with the best technologies of its time, often described as an F1 race car sprinting on the road.


∙ The debut issue is specially priced at HK$129 is now available from Circle K stores and PHS online shop (https://pansinghobbyshop.com/hk/73-le-grandi-ferrari-collection). From the second issue onwards it will be priced at HK$199.

∙ The debut issue will be launched on 31 October. The publication dates of the next three issues are: 14 November for the second issue, 21 November for the third issue and 28 November for the fourth issue. Going forward the magazine will be published every alternate Wednesday with bundle sale offers from time to time.

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