Damaged On Purpose
Amalgam Ferrari 250 LM (weathered) 1:8 scale model

With only 32 examples built, the mid-engined Ferrari 250 LM was labelled as a prototype but completely road legal. While one of the two examples entered into the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans that took the trophy was sold for US$18.26 million in 2015, the other example might have made more of an impression.

Car number 26 in the 1965 Le Mans was driven by Franco-Algerian Pierre Dumay and Belgian Gustave ‘Taf’ Gosselin. The car was leading, but its rear right tyre blowout at speed after Sunday midday, damaged the light aluminium bodywork. Precious time was lost for getting the car back on track, but it still managed to finish in the second place. Perhaps this roaring moment of racing history has convinced model car maker Amalgam to turn this particular example into a 1:8 scale model.

Amalgam precisely recreated the rip on the bodywork and hand painted all the details such as dirts, oil stains and other tears and wears on the car, hence the word “weathered” in the model car’s name. The 1:8 model is priced at US$16,625, reflecting the level of details and time required to complete the project.