Coffee-Fuelled Engineering
Super Veloce — Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition

A strong coffee is the only way to kickstart a busy day for a good portion of the world’s population, and while there are plenty of different brewing methods that’ll get you your caffeine fix, the thought of having that daily ritual associated with a sports car engine is going to perk up the ears of any automotive enthusiast. Enter Super Veloce, a South African studio specialising in high-end, functional mechanical art devices inspired by supercar and race car engines. One of the company’s latest creations is this stunning  Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition — a tribute to the classic air-cooled flat-six engines found in Porsche 993s racing competitively between 1994 and 1998.

The capsule espresso machine isn’t just shaped like a supercar engine, it also shares the same level of engineering excellence and craftsmanship, too. Each unit is handcrafted from aerospace-grade materials — the main components are made of aluminium alloy, titanium, and surgical stainless steel. It’s all in the details, with the engine block being anodised satin black, gloss-black heads, and of course the hand-laid, high-pressure thermoset carbon fibre cam covers. This sexy espresso maker is certainly a substantial piece of machine, weighing in at a whopping 21.5 kg, but the coffee-making experience is less back-breaking, as coffee pods are easily loaded individually at the back.

The RS Black Edition is limited to 993 units — another small tribute to its inspiration — and each costs 10,200 Euros.