Breathtaking 3D Modelling
Unique & Limited Gallery
The guys at Unique & Limited Gallery are doing something rather interesting. Founded in 2014 by digital artist Jan Rambousek, their mission is to recreate inspiring stories from the past using modern technology. The results? Realistic premium large prints of legendary race cars and aircraft in iconic settings printed not from archival photo negatives but created via 3D digital modelling.
Their workflow is even more complicated than one would expect. Every image created portrays a real life event, and the team spend hours locating images, film footage and even witnesses to make sure the moment is presented both accurately and historically. They then develop the concept, confirm the best subject angle with sketches and then begin the photo shoot using Hasselblad cameras. The car or plane itself is not shot but recreated as a 3D model. That step completed, the image’s multiple post production steps such as shading, texturing and lighting, elements are rendered and composed for the final print.
The gallery currently offers six collections; we like the Ferrari 250 GTO the most. Ferrari only created 39 Ferrari 250 GTO’s, and the team has selected three cars with distinctive colours. The chosen scenes display great variety too, from the Siciliano streets of the Targa Florio to the French countryside of the Tour de France and on to the middle of the action during the Le Mans 24 Hours. With such incredible detail and magical atmosphere, it’s hard to believe these images were recreated from scratch.
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