Bespoke Beauty
Rolls-Royce “Sweptail"

In years past, in a time when vehicles were a more exclusive proposition, nearly all bodywork was coach-built in accordance to the owner’s needs. Rolls-Royce is bringing this heritage back with its Bespoke division, and it chose the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este to reveal the fruits of its bespoke labour; a spectacular two-seater coupé.

The concept of the Rolls-Royce “Sweptail” was brought to the luxury automaker by the car owner. Roll-Royce has not revealed his identity, but they described him as “a connoisseur and collector of distinctive, one-off items including super-yachts and private aircraft”. Inspired by coach-built Rolls-Royces of the 1920s and 1930s as well as both classic and modern yachts, the one-of-a-kind “Sweptail” features a large panoramic glass roof and an iconic pinched-tail. Rolls-Royce achieves a clean surface by wrapping the car’s bodywork beneath the frame leaving no visible boundary to the surfaces, something frequently found on yachts.

Personalisations are added to complement the owner’s lifestyle, with the rear seats now replaced by a wooden mid-shelf and a hat shelf, with the entire centre console now housing a hand-built champagne chiller.