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Apple iPhone SE

Apple has recently held a conference at their Cupertino headquarters in California, where Chief Executive, Tim Cook, emphasized that they will not compromise their privacy standards for any governmental agencies. This makes it clear that they are, once again, reaffirming their determination to protect user privacy. One of their other main goals can be seen in their worldwide operations, where Apple has stated they intend to have their facilities 100% energy renewable through solar, wind and hydropower sources. The proposals for such recycling programs are gathered through Apple Renew, so that the two major concepts of “environment” and “health” can be combined. Not to mention, they have also introduced a series of new bands for the Apple watch, as well as the miniature 9.7 inches iPad Pro. The woven nylon bands come in 5 different colours, including pink, turquoise, sapphire blue, red and space black; and the new iPad Pro retains the hardware specifications, with a weight reduction from 713g to only 437g.

Last but not least, Apple introduced the all new 4-inch iPhone SE, to a very interested world. Apple has decided to return to their origin design, their most popular four-inch screen specification. Apart from adding in a rose gold version, the new model’s overall appearance is identical to the 5s. However, it has been quietly given the soul of the iPhone 6s, so that the best features of two models can be integrated. Further, it is surprisingly priced at USD$399 (around HKD$ 3, 488), aiming directly at the entry and mid-range markets. The iPhone SE uses the same 64-bit A9 processor as the 6s, offering a processing speed twice as fast as the iPhone 5. Its default iOS 9.3 operating system, and the embedded 12-megapixel camera, can be used for 4K stills and video. It also supports near-field wireless communication (NFC) and the Apple Pay function. It is available with either 16GB or 64GB memory. Unfortunately, the new SE is missing 3D Touch, so Live Photos can not be viewed.