Asymmetric Aesthetics
kolor 2022 a/w collection

kolor is a Japanese fashion brand that’s known for producing highly-wearable pieces with unique combinations of colours, fabrics, and constructions. For its 2022 autumn/winter collection, kolor continues to excel thanks in part to designer Junichi Abe’s careful attention to detail and quality.

After graduating from the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Abe worked for well-known brands before establishing his own label. One of those big names was Comme des Garçons, and it was there he met his wife — fellow fashion designer Chitose Abe — who later created Sacai. Abe founded kolor in 2004 and debuted the first collection in the 2005 spring/summer season. It was soon recognised for its casual-yet-sophisticated pieces, gaining Abe his nickname as the “magician of materials” because of his bold juxtaposition of different fabrics ranging from silver lamé to cardboard knit.

The latest collection sees elements of deconstruction and contrast being taken to the next level. Take a simple jumper as an example. On the left side, it’s a plain jumper with a unique polo collar, but on the right, there are three contrasting shades put together, and with a different knit pattern. On another hybrid jacket, the overall cut and wool material has a nostalgic flair, yet it’s finished with a collar made of Polyurethane and zip details that are usually found in outdoor wear.

The contrasts between stiff and soft materials, eye-catching colour pops, and fabrics of top-notch quality connect all the pieces with a sense of cohesiveness.

Selected pieces from kolor 2022 A/W collection are available in Lane Crawford stores and online.