Wrapped In Kevlar
Leica Q2 Reporter

Leica has launched a new edition of the Q2 full-frame digital camera, designed specifically for the sorts of challenging environments that might be seen by press photographers. Simply named the ‘Q2 Reporter’, the first thing you might notice is that the iconic Leica red dot is omitted. This is done deliberately for a more low key appearance in order to draw a little less attention.

Another feature that sets Q2 Reporter apart from its peers is the use of exceptionally resilient Kevlar instead of the usual leather trim on the body of the camera. Kevlar is often used in protective clothing as the tightly spun fibres are almost impossible to separate. The Kevlar “body armour” of the Q2 Reporter is also resistant to chemical and thermal hazards, and offers great grip characteristics thanks to the distinctively woven pattern. Leica also mentions that the colour of the Kevlar fabric – currently in black – will change over time with exposure to natural UV rays, eventually matching the matte dark green finish of the robust, scratch, and abrasion-resistant main camera body.

The functionalities and performance of the Q2 Reporter are same as the vanilla Leica Q2 camera — that means dust and spray waterproofing, a 47.3 megapixel full-frame sensor, high-res OLED 3.68 megapixel viewfinder, 4K video filming, and a Summilux 28mm lens with a 1.7 f-stop.