Wood-Cladding Residence
Résidence Simone-Veil by AAVP

Wood is often used in finishing the interior to give the space a warm atmosphere for the exterior, though, it’s less common unless we are talking about a small wooden lodge. Architect Vincent Parreira of AAVP has made Larchwood his choice of material for the Résidence Simone-Veil project in Paris.

The student residence is situated at the crossroads and its design responds to the surroundings. Using frosted glass mainly for ground level has shifted the attention to the three Larchwood clad floors above, while the top floor is adorned with drilled aluminium sheets, another unusual material for façade. The complex is massive compared with buildings around it, but because of the combination of materials it looks light and floaty and blends in well with its surroundings. The wood cladding style is also brought to the ground floor through the circular wooden benches and columns. The Résidence Simone-Veil houses 190 apartments for international students as well as a common room for study and leisure.