Abstract Urbanism
Benjamin Sack 'Labyrinths' exhibition

With pen and ink drawings of imaginary, complex cityscapes, American artist Benjamin Sack is known for expressing the unique space between realism and abstraction with his kaleidoscopic work. The Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin is hosting a solo exhibition of Benjamin Sack titled Labyrinths, showcasing a collection of map-like drawings of urbanism with a dose of unfamiliarity.

The cityscapes in Sack’s art pieces are filled with complex spatial arrangements that we would never see in real life, with towers and low-rise buildings merging together. From afar these drawings might look like a cluster of lines and dots but take a closer look you can see the elements are arranged to form stars, spirals, cubes or circles, referencing cartographical, cosmological literary and musical inspirations and creating new and unchartered perspectives. Most of Sack’s work is drawn on papers, with the “Library of Babel” being drawn on the surface of a sphere.

Labyrinths will run through 22 January 2020 at the Direktorenhaus.