Unlimited Power Supply
Tesla Roadster by BradBuilds

Are you one of those who love to dream of leaving the stressful and maybe even disappointing world behind, and going on a trip to the wilderness without being annoyed by anyone?  Of course, for wandering through the wilderness a high-performance all-terrain car is essential; it would be even more wonderful if it is an eco-friendly-powered one.  Question is – how to fuel up an all-electric auto if you’re taking a long journey through the wild nature?

Maybe it is such worry that galvanized BradBuilds, the LA-based creative concept artist, to modify the non-petrol-fueled Tesla Roadster to even run without the demand for being charged.  A total of four solar panels have been installed on the hood, roof and one on each side of the roof rack.  So, as long as the sun is up, this Tesla concept will be continuously charged.  The car has been lifted with heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tires, as well as guards on both front and rear end to cope with rockier terrain and possible obstacles in nature.  The addition of rack on the roof offers plenty of storage which is indispensable for field journeys.

Unfortunately, this concept is just a 3D render and will yet appear in real life.  But such an idea does sound.  So maybe it will really come to life in a few years soon?

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