Playfully Cool
Ugly Tiger Rug

The tiger has long been a widely-respected creature in many different cultures for its beauty and its undeniable ferocity. This is a predator that has been seen as a luck, courage, and power-bringing mascot for thousands of years, especially in Chinese Feng Shui. Within this belief system, it is thought that such a domineering animal can increase “chi” levels and help drive away demons and bad luck. Instead of being seen only as fierce and fearsome, this giant cat can also be playfully cool too, especially when viewed through the lens of Kurtis of RAW EMOTIONS.

Inspired by vintage Tibetan Tiger Rugs, RAW EMOTIONS had previously developed its iconic ode to the traditional style, which has been well received by local aficionados over the past few seasons. To celebrate the first anniversary of 432Hz, the local select store, RAW EMOTIONS created a meaningful gift for this special occasion — the Ugly Tiger Rug, which is an exclusive design twisted from its iconic Tibetan Tiger Mascot Rug.

The Ugly Tiger Rug is not truly ugly in appearance, but more of a fun and playful take on the original. RAW EMOTIONS has given it a cartoon look with some interesting highlights, like the pink paw and lips. Comparing it to the original Mascot Rug, this limited edition is thicker and softer for a more comfy touch. Two sizes are available from April 4 at 432Hz, which should give you options in finding the right fit for Hong Kong’s often-challenging apartment spaces.