Underwater Escape
NEMO Personal Submarine

There’s no denying the amazing and mysterious beauty of the underwater world. The boundaryless tranquil environment with its multitude of fascinating marine animals travelling through the soft and faint light is a sight to behold — those that have been below the waves know that there are few more calming places to be, even if just to switch off from the bustling world above for a few precious minutes. The new personal submarine from U-Boat Worx could be the perfect new vehicle in which to experience that tranquillity.

As the only mass-produced submarine in the world thus far, this new offering from U-Boat Worx is made to be as “user-friendly” as possible. Its name, Nemo, gives you a sense of what the vehicle is all about. The Nemo is tiny and requires less storage space than a pair of jet-skis. It has a flat bottom without the need for a cradle and is just five-feet in height so owners can easily keep it in storage on their yacht. The Nemo is, to date, the lightest manned submarine at just 2,500kg, which allows owners to be able to transport the machine on traditional boat trailers or tow-behinds. It can be easily handled, allowing almost anyone to take supervised control of the vehicle thanks to the MANTA Controller, which is handily like a game controller.

NEMO is not only tiny but also swift like a little clownfish. It can dive down to as deep as 330 feet at a speed of up to three knots underwater, which guarantees an easy and carefree underwater exploration experience.