Ultimate Japanese Craftsmanship
Casio G-Shock MR-G Hana-Basara

Casio G-Shock’s top of the line collection, MR-G, is marking its 25th anniversary this year and to celebrate, the company has come up with a limited-edition model that demonstrates the epitome of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

The MRG-B2000BS-3A is dubbed the Hana-Basara, a name that points to the level of exquisiteness found in the themed timepiece. The “Hana” part of the name means ostentatious or brilliant, while “Basara” is rooted in the Sanskrit word for diamond, reflecting a sense of breakthrough from commonly held beliefs. The overall design of the watch was inspired by ancient Japanese warlords, who coveted intricately crafted armour with unique artistic detailing.

The bezel of the Hana-Basara definitely steals the show. It’s made of Cobarion – a material about four times harder than pure titanium and is shaped by hand by master gem cutter Kazuhito Komatsu. Such a cutting method takes a very high level of skill, and only a few bezels can be finished per day.

The case and band are made of DAT55G titanium alloy, coated in a traditional Japanese iron-coloured (kurogane) diamond-like carbon material. The dark bluish-green colour is a straight reference to the shade that weaponry displays when heated during forging. Part of the case is ion-plated in brown as a highlight, while the subtle red and green accents are also inspired by ancient Japanese armour. A plate engraved with “25TH LIMITED” can be found on the edge of the case at 10 o’clock, commemorating the important milestone.

Limited to 400 pieces globally, the Hana-Basara is priced at HK$63,880.

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