The Thrill Of Driving
Caterham “We Don't Do Technology…” brand film

Let’s face it – the automotive industry on the whole is moving towards a world filled with advanced technology, autonomous vehicles and no shortage of driver aids, but British automaker Caterham clearly is one that hasn’t bought into this vision of the future. To see this point through – the niche sportscar manufacturer has just voiced its anti-technology stance in its first ever brand film.

Caterham has always adhered to Colin Chapman’s original ethos since its inception 45 year ago, ensuring that the evolution and development of the Caterham Seven ultimately revolves around the fun and thrill of driving. The 40 second clip shows a Seven 620R – the range-topping model which develops 310 hp and hits 60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.79 seconds burning copious amounts of rubber, made possible thanks to the lack of on-board driving aids. 

Graham Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer at Caterham said, “Naturally, we are in no way against the drive towards safer cars and motoring, as well as the efforts of the industry to minimise accidents on the road. But manufacturers seem intent on stuffing as much new tech into their cars as they can, steadily depleting the amount of input the driver needs to have.” As fellow drivers who enjoy our time behind the wheel, Caterham’s philosophy of putting the thrill of driving first is exactyly what we need.