Back To Its Origin
BMW restored the 1600 GT convertible prototype

A group of apprentices at the BMW plant in Dingolfing, Germany have restored the only existing example of 1600 GT convertible to its originally condition.

BMW commissioned two 1600 GT convertible prototypes from Italian bodywork designer Pietro Frua in 1967. There was a little piece of history around the birth of these prototypes: Frua previously styled the Glas 1300 GT in 1964 and a year later the Glas 1700 GT. At that time Glas was looking for a corporate partner and it ended up being taken over by BMW. After the acquisition, a new coupe and an open-top of Glas 1700 GT were proposed, and the latter eventually realised as the 1600 GT convertible with new rear axle, engine from the BMW 1600 TI, the famous kidney grille and headlights from a BMW 02 Series.

For some reason the 1600 GT convertible never made it to production. With one of the two examples destroyed in an accident during test drive, the only example left was handed to major BMW shareholder Herbert Quandt. After spending some time in the Quandt family, the prototype was acquired by a few owners before returning to BMW’s ownership. BMW took it back to the Dingolfing plant where it was built in the first place for restoration. Judging from the final outcome, the several years spent on the restoration project is completely worth it.