The Spirit Of A Swordsmith

Casio G-Shock used to be just about delivering a durable, shock-resistant timepiece, but now the brand offers much more than that. While still staying true to its “Absolute Toughness” concept, the watches from its high-end MR-G Series values a new level of creativity and craftsmanship.

Arriving in Hong Kong recently is the MRG-G2000GA inspired by traditional Japanese swords. First seen in Basel World this year and limited to 300 pieces worldwide, the highlight of the watch is found on links in the centre of the bracelet, featuring “Yasuri-me” (rasp mark) individually hand-carved by renowned swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan. The second link also features an inscription of the first character of the motto of the Gassan family, 鍛刀一筋 “Tan-tou-hito-suji” (Devotion to the forging of swords), bringing both the special skills and respectable spirit of a tradition with 800 years of history.

There are also other references of swords on the timepiece. The Cobarion bezel and crescent-shaped design is a reflection of the pointed tip of a sword, while the rich violet representing the colour of heated and hardened steel. The recrystallised titanium case is also a representation of tempered Japanese sword blade. On the technology side, the watch maintains its accurate timekeeping with Bluetooth, GPS and radio-controlling, with other functions such as 200-metre water resistance, LED backlight and more.