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Land Rover 'Baby' Defender expected in 2022

With a history spanning back more than seven decades, the Defender is without a doubt Land Rover’s signature model. There’s always room for something new in the brand’s line up, however, and British publication What Car? has recently previewed seven different Land Rover models that could be launched into the market in the next three years. In addition to a revamped Range Rover and the very first all-electric Land Rover, the concept of a brand new ‘baby’ Defender sounds equally as promising as its big brother.

The ‘baby’ Defender is said to be positioned as an entry-level SUV, with the exterior following the styling of the Defender. The interior, though, is likely to be more minimalistic in an effort to make the vehicle more profitable for a much lower price tag, closer to the £25,000 mark. In comparison, the latest Defender has a starting price of around £43,000 in the UK. The smaller SUV would be front-wheel drive and powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine. With the current market pattern from Land Rover, four-wheel drive and plug-in hybrid-powered versions could arrive at a later stage.

If a 2022 launch date is to be expected we should hopefully get to see some official images of the Land Rover Baby Defender within the next year, but for now, we can enjoy these rendered pictures envisioned by designer Dejan Hristov.