All Terrain Conqueror
Rezvani Hercules 6x6

Rezvani has always been synonymous with high performing, extreme utility vehicles capable of conquering any terrain. The California-based company has now unveiled its wildest beast yet, the Rezvani Hercules 6×6.

The company’s latest offering is based around the Tank – the armoured off-road truck that helped build the brand’s reputation. The Hercules 6×6 is similar to the Tank but with an additional axle, and just like its sibling, it’s also built on Jeep underpinnings. At the heart of the Hercules 6×6 lies a 7.0-litre Supercharged V8 engine, modified from a Dodge Demon-derived Hemi V8 that delivers a whopping 1,300hp. Other FCA-sourced engine options are available, including the 500hp 6.4L SRT V8 and a 3.6L V6. Two off-road packages are also on offer, with both options ensuring high ground clearance for all-terrain driving with huge 37” off-road tyres and FOX off-road suspension.

The interior is straightforward but has still been assembled with quality in mind, featuring Napa leather and an integrated 9” infotainment display on the dashboard. The same elements that made the Tank famous are still there, including the option of bulletproof ballistic armour, while the standard night vision system can be upgraded to a thermal night vision system from FLIR display heat signatures. The Hercules 6×6 Military Edition boosts the security level even further, being fitted with a self-sealing fuel tank, electrified door handles, undercarriage explosive protection and more, making this off-road machine good enough for world leaders.