The Californian Breeze
CaliCruiser by Norbert Hajdu

California is often associated with palm trees and known as the sunshine state to many non-locals. It is completely understandable for London-based automotive designer Norbert Hajdu to dream up a roadster dedicated to the county and name it CaliCruiser.

CaliCruiser was inspired by the “classic muscular American front engine, rear wheel drive layout” but modernised to feature an electric rear engine, leaving ample of space for storage under the front hood. The batteries are housed under the chassis to lower the centre of gravity. The two-seater concept features contrasting colours and materials, such as white body with treated wooden doors and trims in the fully rendered version. While the CaliCruiser is an open-top, it features not just one but two roof attachable mounts for surfboards that could double as temporary rain shelter. It does rain from time to time in California, after all.