Tesla-Based Mustang
Aviar R67

The popularity of electric cars is on the rise, to a point now that quite a number of tuners are creating interesting projects that combine classic silhouettes with advanced electric platforms. Aviar Motors in Russia has announced its latest mash-up, dubbed the Aviar R67, an electric car that looks like a Mustang Fastback on the outside, but is actually underpinned by a Tesla Model S platform.

While Ford’s own Mustang Mach-E looks nothing like the original Mustang, the carbon fibre body of the Aviar R67 unmistakably resembles the 1960s two-seater, while updates including a carbon fibre front splitter, front grille, and side skirts, give the car a more distinctive look. An active spoiler that changes position according to speed has also been added. 

Aviar developed a composite resin and aluminium chassis for the model. The electric motors, gearbox and the 100 kWh battery pack are all taken from the Tesla Model S, as well as the adaptive air suspension, traction control, autopilot suite, the onboard Wi-Fi connection and airbags. Step inside the car and you’ll see the familiar vertical infotainment system sitting next to Mustang-styled round air-conditioning vents.

Aviar says the electric motors are capable of generating 840hp, pushing the Mustang-Tesla hybrid to 0-100km/h in just 2.2 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h. The battery pack has a range of 507km and the car is compatible with Tesla superchargers if a quick charge is needed.