Tailor-Made For Violinists
Rimowa x Gewa Violin Case

Travelling with musical instruments is an essential-yet-unpleasant part of any touring musician’s life — the anxiety alone of not knowing exactly where your instrument is and how it’s being treated is never fun. To solve this problem, luggage manufacturer Rimowa has teamed up with fellow German musical instrument and case maker Gewa to create a limited edition violin case, turning Rimowa’s iconic luggage aesthetic into a purpose-made piece that protects musicians’ precious instruments like nothing else.

Explicitly designed for violin sizes 4/4 and 3/4 and made in Germany, the violin case in silver is crafted in signature Rimowa luggage style using durable anodized grooved aluminium with high-gloss aluminium corners. Besides the leather handle, a crossbody strap has also been added to the case for easy carrying through busy airports.

The interior of the case is filled with details tailor-made for travelling violinists. Lined in hand-finished black microfibre, the case has a neck pad system that can be adjusted according to the violin’s length, keeping the instrument safely secured in place. The built-in hygrometer and humidifier control the case’s humidity levels, providing an optimal environment for storage. The case also comes with a string tube, an accessories storage compartment, and a protective blanket for the instrument, which should help ease musicians’ travel anxiety substantially.