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Alpine A110 x Felipe Pantone

Alpine unveiled a stunning new Felipe Pantone -designed A110 art car over the weekend of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Following the on from the “Alpine F1 x Felipe Pantone” collaboration first seen in April, the Argentinian artist has created an exceptional paint job on the body of an A110S, the quickest version in the A110 range, delivering 292 hp.

Felipe Pantone’s version of the A110 aims to evoke a sense of “ultra dynamism”, with the artist himself having driven the model prior to tackling this project. The paint job focuses on developing a sense of visual speed while highlighting the car’s design with a fast, technological look. The geometric shapes and optical effects follow the lines of the A110, giving an impression of dynamic speed — even when the car is standing still. The look was hand-painted by the artist himself, taking several weeks to complete.

The art car was unveiled on the Monaco Grand Prix track, with F1 driver Fernando Alonso behind the wheel and Felipe Pantone in the passenger seat. The Alpine F1 Team was also wearing the artist’s signature colours and graphics during the Grand Prix weekend in order to celebrate the collaboration.

While most art car projects are for display only, a total of four Alpine A110 art cars have been produced and three examples will be up for sale. The examples available for sale — priced at 125,000 euros each — will feature subtle graphic variations, meaning each example will be a unique art piece.

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