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Brembo New G Sessanta brake calliper concept

Brembo has been the leading name in automotive brake systems for decades now. Found in Paladina, Italy in 1961, the company specialises in high-performance car and motorcycle brake components, and is the designated brake supplier for countless teams in all types of championships across the globe, from Formula 1, to Formula E, to MotoGP. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Brembo has come up with the innovative New G Sessanta brake calliper concept.

The New G Sessanta draws inspiration from the first-ever Brembo brake calliper for motorbikes, developed in 1972. Revolutionary LED technology is used on the body of the calliper that, while it allows for personalisation, also presents functional enhancements thanks to wireless connectivity. For example, the lights can be used to communicate the status of the calliper and the vehicle, or to help the owner to locate their parked bike with the lights remotely switched on.

Brembo hasn’t yet mentioned if the concept is up for commercial release.