Sculptural Foldable Screen
C Seed N1 165" TV

A large TV screen is almost like a staple in most modern homes. Other than the quality of the sound and visual a TV offers, the appearance of the TV itself is equally important considering it is taking up such a significant presence in the living space. Some may opt for the ultra minimal style with the thinnest frame possible, while others may go for designs with a flair. The new foldable TV collection from C Seed proves that a giant screen can actually have an elegant appearance.

With a minimalistic floor stand, the C Seed N1 TV sits like a metal sculpture when not in use. When it’s time for a classic film or the latest streaming series, with a push on a button the N1 rises and unfolds itself like a piece of kinetic art. As good as it sounds, it is natural to question N1’s display quality as it is made up of six screen panels. The Austrian company’s patented Adaptive Gap Calibration makes the borders between panels disappear, providing a truly seamless visual experience. The 4K MicroLED technology and HDR10+ support, together the special physical screen surface coating, make sure true blacks and vibrant colours are displayed with no glare.

The screen is able to rotate 180 degrees left and right, meaning users can adjust the viewing angle anytime without moving the base. The TV has an integrated speaker system with twin 100-watt broadband speakers for an immersive audio-visual experience. The best part is the TV doesn’t require any installation. In addition to the giant 165″ screen, N1 is also available in 137″ and 103″. Pricing starts at 180,000 Euros.