Rolls-Royce Wraith “Inspired by Music”
An audiophile’s automotive dream.

With the increasing number of product collaborations, clothing lines and limited-edition vehicles being released, the similarities between the automotive world and other creative industries have never been more apparent. Case in point is the recent, music-influenced addition by Rolls Royce to its “Inspired by” bespoke concept, which takes its cues from “the power of live performance” and follows the marque’s “Inspired by Film” and “Inspired by Fashion “options.

Something of an audiophile’s dream, the Rolls Royce Wraith “Inspired by Music” edition is most notable for a studio-grade sound system created by an expert team of automotive audio engineers over a period of two years. Working in tandem with Rolls Royce’s interior design team, the bespoke system was tuned specifically for the car’s cabin, and is a 1300W system comprised of 18 speaker channels. Included among them are seven tweeters, seven mid-range speakers, two bass speakers and two “exciter” speakers that are fitted into the headlining, while copper color theme extends out from the cabin to the exterior’s “Lyrical Copper” paint finish. In short, it’s a collision of craftsmanship and creativity in the guise of a beautiful grand tourer, and a dream automobile for fans of cars and music alike.