Roaming In The Virtual World
Cities by Peter Olschinsky

Peter Olschinsky, one of the founders of atelier olschinsky, a design studio from Vienna, is fascinated with the virtual world of landscapes in movies and computer games. The idea of roaming in these explored dimensions fascinates him, so he has built a virtual world of his own.

He uses Photoshop and 3D software to create city-themed illustrations that depict high-rise buildings without roads or characters. While the illustrations appear more like architectural blueprints, they offer no possibility of physical construction; instead, they stand as mere elements in a very abstract world. Using multiple overlapping colours, each piece is a bold visual explosion that meticulously depicts the center of different urban landscapes.

Many illustrations are seen from a bird’s-eye perspective that suggests columns and beams falling into a deep abyss bordered by an assembly of intricate and complicated lines. These visions mirror his love for the sci-fi film, Blade Runner, and the unrealistic places presented in the comic art of Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. What is certain is that these cinematic and printed constructs have widened Olschinsky’s horizons, fostering his fresh personal ideas for his own virtual park.