Retrofuturistic Beauty
BMW R nineT

For bike lovers, motorbike customization house Zillers Garage is nothing new. Over the last year, the Russian company’s Instagram hasn’t been shy about its plans for a dramatic redesign of the retro-styled BMW R nineT roadster. Finally, after plenty of talk, this long-awaited masterpiece has been unveiled and thankfully, it’s an impressive piece of design and engineering.

The reimagined R nineT boasts a futuristic, yet retro, look. The frame is cloaked in a sleek, rounded fairing that shields all the mechanicals, bar the wide 1,170cc boxer engine that erupts through the smooth bodywork on each side. Big Brembo brakes and unique multi-spoke wheels dominate each end of the bike and the custom headlight, tail unit, low-slung mirrors, and dashboard give the revamped R nineT a completely different look. You’ll find a small storage space under the seat, which is fitted with a USB socket for charging smartphones.

The dashboard has been simplified to match the new aesthetic, with the smooth outer only showing speed — all other controls have been relocated above the fuel tank. Simple and pretty — Zillers Garage have done it again.