Ready To Race
Ferrari F40 LM

The incredible Ferrari F40 was created to celebrate the automaker’s 40th anniversary. With stunning bodywork designed by Pininfarina, it has become one of the most important models in the marque’s history, and happened to be the very last launched with founder Enzo Ferrari still at the helm. Only 1,131 examples were built by the end of the production period in 1992, and out of those, just 19 examples were given the LM suffix.

Developed by Michelotto of Padova, the F40 LM was first seen racing in IMSA competition in the US. The LM name stands for Le Mans, and even though no examples actually raced took to the Circuit De La Sarthe, it still clearly states the intended purpose of this factory-built race car. Extensive upgrades over the road car can be seen inside and out, from the reinforced chassis, new aerodynamic bodywork with front and rear adjustable wings, upgraded brakes and suspension, to a competition-spec dog box and wider wheels and tyres. Stripping out extra weight was equally essential, so Michelotto gave the F40 LM a new digital dashboard, while fixed lamps can be found behind Lexan covers instead of the original flip-up headlights. The 2.9-litre F120 B engine was retained, but pushed to 720 hp thanks to bigger Behr intercoolers, new camshafts, and Weber Marelli electronic fuel-injection system.

This particular Ferrari F40 LM was first delivered new in March 1991 to Berlin. Now available via England’s DK Engineering, it has recently gone through a comprehensive overhaul and is ready for track action or display.