Precision in ergonomics
Reissue of Humanscale Manual

The Humanscale guidelines are a set of three booklets developed by design consultancy Henry Dreyfuss Associates in the 1970s. Henry Dreyfuss Associates obtained the figures during their development of some of the most iconic products created including the Hoover vacuum, John Deere tractor and the Polaroid camera. With nine different measurement selectors included, these guidelines offer 60,000 human factor data points in a user friendly way, helping designers to create products that are in scale and fit for their target audience.

The manual has been out of print for years and IA Collaborative, as designers themselves, are launching a Kickstarter campaign to reissue the manual. The booklets will be reproduced in the originally format. Each of the two-sided selectors contains a circular disc. As the designer rotates the disc, distinctive measurements corresponding to the chosen attribute such as a specific age or height will be displayed. The topics covered in the guidelines are extremely extensive, from basic measurements of different body parts according to height, leg room for table/chair designing to physical strengths.

IA Collaborative is working with the original manufacturer to bring the manual back with the same materials and precision printing processes. The booklet included in each set features additional data, guidance on best practices, exhaustive reference lists and beautiful illustrations printed using high-quality scans of the original materials.