Piano With Flying Speakers
Roland 50th Anniversary Concept Piano

Roland has been at the forefront of electronic musical instrument and multimedia product manufacturing since 1973. As the maker of the very first electronic piano from Japan, the brand has never stopped being innovative, and the special concept piano built to celebrate Roland’s 50th anniversary is another great example for that.

The stunning 50th Anniversary Concept Piano has a futuristic appearance that captures people’s attention just with its look. The piano was designed in collaboration with Japanese furniture maker Karimoku. The cabinet was created by joining machine-cutting layers of wooden pieces into a rigid, single body, using  Japanese Nara oak wood from Hokkaido to form a fluid shape.

Roland has incorporated its latest sound system and tones as well as legendary piano sounds into the concept piano, resulting in enhanced quality and a more natural and responsive keyboard touch. 14 adjustable speakers are strategically placed on the lid and top edges of the concept piano to create a 360-degree speaker system. On top of that, eye-catching drone speakers floating above the piano are used to provide a more realistic ambient sound, and the player is able to control their positioning when playing. A  touch-panel tablet is also embedded into the lid, which can be used for displaying sheet music and even streaming and video conferencing via Roland Cloud thanks to the piano’s internet, USB MIDI and Bluetooth connectivity. While the 50th Anniversary Concept Piano won’t be available for product, it certainly paves the way for how instruments could be in the future.

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