Paradise In Pink
Endless Summer by Andria Darius Pancrazi

Citing David Lynch movies such as Mulholland Drive and 80’s aesthetics as his influences, French photographer Andria Darius Pancrazi grew up in Mediterranean island Corsica where blue sky and sea dominate its landscape.  When the sun sets in the evening everything turns pink, and Pancrazi, now based in Oxford, England, treasures that magic moment with his dreamy, nostalgic photography.

For each photo he takes for the Endless Summer series, he tries to channel the dreamlike, surreal and mystery side of Corsica through disembodied and abstract styling. He captures the oddness and other worldliness from things he sees in everyday life, mainly architecture, palm trees and shadows of both, while the colour tones range from bright pink to shocking blue, with many of them in soft pastels. More photos from the series can be found on his Instagram.