Creative Vintage Art Car
Mercedes-Benz 220 Jukebox

When we mention the term “art car” it usually involves an artist’s work adorning the body of the car. The example we are going to introduce this time is much more than that. In 1980s, London-based performance arts group Mutoid Waste Company converted a mid-60s Mercedes-Benz 220SE into a jukebox. The company was known for their underground parties, large-scale murals and sculptures created with car parts and old machines. This particular jukebox was designed to play 45 rpm records using a 220-volt power source and is now located in Los Angeles.

While the condition of the jukebox is not great and would need some polishing and restoration before it can play music again, the novelty of it, as well as the currently low bidding price makes it worth your while. The bidding ends on 10 August evening US time, head over to Bring a Trailer to take a look at the details.

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