Open-Air Thrash
Lamborghini Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder

We’re all familiar with the Lamborghini Huracan and its hardcore sibling, the Huracan EVO, but the Italian automaker recently surprised us once again with one more rendition — the Huracan EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder. This is a machine that will bring open-air Lambo driving to another level via some specifically-crafted hardware.

The new convertible features an aluminium and thermoplastic resin body with a new front splitter, vertical fins, and rear diffuser, and is paired with an aluminium and carbon fibre hybrid chassis. Weighing 1,509 kg dry, it has a rear-biased weight distribution of 40/60. Like the hardtop version, the EVO RWD Spyder is powered by a 5.2 litre V10 delivering the same 610 hp and 560 Nm, which pushes the droptop to 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.5 seconds, before reaching the 324 km/h top speed. The figures are impressive when compared to the always-more-capable coupe version — 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and 325 km/h top speed.

The lightweight soft top allows the Spyder to deliver pure lines and aerodynamic efficiency in true Lamborghini fashion, irrespective of whether the roof is opened or closed. The electrically-operated soft top stows in just 17 seconds, up to 50 km/h. While most soft tops come in black, Lamborghini is offering colour options for owners to mix and match with the body shade.

A newly-tuned Performance Control System ensures suitable torque and grip are delivered in all conditions, no matter the aggression levels, and if drifting fun is what you’re after, just engage sport mode and go wild (on a closed circuit, of course) — it allows for a controlled rear wheel slide, turning even the most embarrassing driver into the next Stig.