Officially Approved Flying car
Alef Model A

We have come across quite a few flying cars in the past five years or so, though most of them are still in the concept stage, pending local authorities’ green light for further development and flying tests. The Alef Model A, from California-based startup Alef Aeronautics, has just received legal approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, making it the first public-road-drivable flying car to be approved in its country.

Alef Model A doesn’t look much different than a regular road-going car, and it fits into standard driving lanes and parking spaces. On the ground, it’s classified as a Low-Speed Vehicle, meaning it has to be driven under 25 mph. Thankfully, the flying mode more than makes up for that limitation.

Alef has yet to reveal detailed specifications of the Model A. So far, we know that the fully electric flying car can take off and land vertically, and can fly in any direction including forward, backward, right, left, up, down, and at an angle. The cabin accommodates just the driver and a passenger, and offers 180-degree-plus views. A hydrogen option may also be available for an extended range in the future.

Alef Model A is priced at US$ 299,999 and the company is taking pre-orders now with just a US$ 150 deposit.