New Lineup Awaits
Karma Revero GT, Pininfarina GT Coupe and SC1 Vision Concept

Karma Automotive has taken the event of Shanghai Auto Show to unveil three designs that represent the company’s today, tomorrow and future.

The first new model from the Californian-based, Chinese-backed company is the new 2020 Revero GT, which is a heavily modified version of the 2012 Fisker Karma. With newly design silhouette and a hybrid drive with BMW-sourced TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine as a range extender, Revero GT is expected to deliver 535 hp and have a range of 128 km thanks to the new 28 kWh battery. The PHEV will be launched in Europe and Middle East next year and in China in 2021.

Apart from BMW, Karma also partnered with Pininfarina for the Pininfarina GT coupe. The Italian design house basically took the 2020 Revero GT and gave it a new body style and interior. According to Karma, Pininfarina previously reserved the GT title for its in-house designs only and this is the first time it collaborated on a GT.  Pininfarina GT coupe may become a reality if there’s enough interest. If that’s the case then Karma will release it as a limited edition and the car will be built by Pininfarina in Italy.

Representing the future of Karma, the SC1 Vision Concept shows the brand’s future full electric plans and soon available customisation options. The roadster is the most dramatic design from the brand so far with new wing doors, and its infotainment system is supported by 5G connectivity and a communication system that responds to touch, voice, eye, and graphical interaction.