New Carbon Fibre Look
Carbon fibre-bodied 1967 Shelby GT500CR Mustang

The Ford Mustang, first introduced in the 1960s, is the epitome of the American pony car. Oklahoma-based tuner Classic Recreations is now attempting to build the final evolution of the classic Mustang for the contemporary age — a carbon fibre-bodied 1967 Shelby GT500CR Mustang.

The company starts the project with a 1967 or 1968 Mustang body that is restored to almost brand new condition. The restored donor steel tub is then fitted with carbon fibre body panels created in partnership with the SpeedKore Performance Group. The carbon fibre specialist utilises blue light scanning to create a 3D digital model of the body, then various moulds are cut via a five-axis CNC machine and aerospace-grade carbon fibre panels are cured using a huge in-house autoclave.

The newborn Shelby Mustang is lighter and stronger than ever before and features perfect carbon fibre weave alignment. For those who don’t care for the naked carbon fibre look, Classic Recreations also offers a list of options for exterior paints, interior materials, and engine fitment, ranging from 490-hp Ford Performance Gen 3 5.0L Coyote crate engine to a 900-hp hand-built supercharged 427-cubic-inch version.

Classic Recreations is now building the first prototype of the carbon fibre-bodied Shelby GT500CR, with a Shelby-licensed, all carbon fibre-bodied Cobra also on the way.