Never As Things Appear
Art Installations By Alex Chinneck

Alex Chinneck is praised as an outdoor art installation expert, but has taken a different path in recent times. He has produced an indoor installation named ‘Birth, Death, and a Midlife Crisis’ inside a German museum that ties a 450-year-old wood column into a big knot, causing you to believe that the knot is actually part of the museum. Most of Alex Chinneck’s creations merge perfectly into their surroundings, not only because of the interesting illusion it creates, but also because of Chinneck’s respect for the physical environment.

If you are interested in his outdoor installations, then check out his ‘Taking my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’, ‘Under the weather but over the moon’, ‘Fighting fire with ice-cream’ and many others. Although the names seem whimsical and simple, these powerful works will help you to understand his talent.