Metal First Aid Kit by Best Made
A preference for intricate tools.

Founded by Peter Buchanan-Smith in 2009, Best Made was a company dedicated to the production of axes. Initially wanting to create practical and aesthetically pleasing axes, the company has expanded itself into an integrated manufacturer which not only produce axes but also clothing, books, storage tools as well as other survival appliances.

I recently saw this metal first aid kit made by Best Made. Packaged in an all white aluminum box, the top is inscribed with Best Made’s red cross logo, as if teasing the original red cross logo with their reinterpreted one. The compact box consists of gauze, masks, gloves and other standard first aid supplies such as pliers, scissors and other tools. Their website mentions how the first aid kit was designed specifically for hunters and loggers, but they also encourage other consumers to hang the tools inside on the wall as decorative. Best Made not only produces practical tools, but also takes advantage of good design and high level craftsmanship to attract those who have a preference for intricate tools.